Jaelyn of the Cheysuli, Servant of Ketephys, and Liren to Nazca


I am Jaelyn, born of the Mierani elves, yet not fully of them. For I am a Cheysul… one of the beast blessed , a chosen of Ketephys”. Born to the House of the Lions, I am one of the shape-shifting druidic hunters trained from birth to keep watch over hidden ways to and within our sacred and ancient enclaves.

Sharing my fate-journey is Nazca, my Lir and sacred companion…chosen for me by Ketephys and the Ancestral Spirits of the Chesuli.


By appearance, Jaelyn bears most of the striking features of the Mierani Elves, being tall, tan and lithe. Yet although Jaelyn gives off that same casual sense of “awareness” about himself typical of those elves who spend their lives in the dangerous forests, his refined poise and easygoing manner implies that the youthful elf has also spent significant time in more “civilized” settings. While Jaelyn’s modestly cut silvery hair is an attractive contrast to his tan skin, his yellow-gold eyes are the most striking of his features, and in many ways reminds one of a predatory beast rather than an elf.

If not for the green-tinted robes, one would cast Jaelyn as a ranger or hunter, for he bears both sword and bow. But the sword is a scimitar and the bow… a shortbow. And when associated with the green robes and the silver and gold necklace around his neck bearing a hawk, moon and sun holy symbol, the knowing would mark him as one of the rare druids in the service of Ketephys, the Elven God of the Hunt who has little time for the posturing of clerics. The only other item of note upon Jaelyn is a curious belt that appears to be of woven silver hair, perhaps some of which is his own. And upon the belt are fastened a number of small golden disks, each with the imprint of a distinct feline creature.

But those who notice Jaelyn often do so as an afterthought, for his companion Nazca, is far more striking. The silver-coated great cat at Jaelyn’s side stands over four feet at the shoulders. Save for the length of her fur, one would mark her as a lioness by her features, but that almost shimmering fur, and the awareness in those golden eyes so similar to Jaelyn’s, mark Nazca as something more than just a beast. The Hunter God’s mark is also upon Nazca, a holy symbol tattoo centered on her brow.


When the time of Earthfall came, and Elves withdrew from the world to our ancient home of Sovyrain, Ketephys, God of the Hunt called for some to remain behind and safeguard the sacred places until the time to return. Of the Mierani Forest Elves, House T’Arabani was among those chosen to safeguard Celwynvian, the City of Emerald Rain, to see it safely through the coming times of what would be called the Age of Darkness.

To aid us on our vigil Ketephys called upon five celestial beasts… Wolf, Hawk, Bear, Raven, and Lion, to lend to us of their essence, granting five Mierani Houses the gift of divine shapeshifting so that we may serve as wardens protecting our sacred places. For those chosen to recieve this gift, our senses became sharper, our limbs faster and stronger, and through the depth of our kinship with the Divine Beasts, our path to the “Brightness” is more clear.

And the ages have proven the gifts of Ketephys to be more necessity than generosity, for in guarding Celwynvian we “Children of the Beasts” drew a difficult lot. But that is a story for another time.

For the last score of years I find myself not within the forest paths of my birth-home, but called to the uncivilized lands northwest of Kyonin known as The River Kingdoms, where I serve in the court of an elder cousin, Elf King Feriel Nellmyr of Hymbria, as royal liasion to the Brevoy Noble House Medvyed, to whom I provide assistance and insight when dealing with matters that are of fey and/or elven in origin.

When the Lord Mayor of Restov issued a charter to explore and survey a particularly troublesome region known as the “The Stolen Lands”, both King Feriel and Lord Medvyed found mutual interests as to why I should join that excursion, for it is known that those lands hold places that are rife with elder magic. Thus the Lord Medvyed obtained an exploration charter for me sponsored under his own household.

We Cheysul believe strongly that we are people fate-guided by the Elven Gods…Tahlmorra.. as we call it. There is a saying among the Chesuli…“Lions roar, and stalk the nights”. We of the House of Lions, when not stalking out those who would threaten our kindred within the world, are called to explore and if posible, recover the places of power last during the times of Earthfall.

We are Strong…but not Bear, Hunters…but not Hawks, we feel strongly the Song of Ages… but are not Raven… and we easily gather others to our cause, though we are not Wolf. It is Lions that are called to first face the darkness, the unknown. And the histories show that it is Lion blood that is often first shed, when the cheysuli fight for our people. This too is a part of Tahlmorra.


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