The call has gone out. The Swordlords of Southern Brevoy are seeking hearty adventures to venture into the wild, untamed wilderness of the Stolen Lands — a vast expanse, to the south of the troubled northern Kingdom, that is filled with dangers of all sorts — and bring a measure of civilization to the territory. Charters are being offered to adventuring parties willing to undertake such a dangerous mission with a promise to recognize the claims of successful groups as they establish their own domains. Be prepared to explore the untamed wilds, to match wits with sly fey, to battle the elements and the unchecked power of nature and all her many beasts, and even face down bandit lords and their fearsome followers. Persevere and overcome against those long odds and the first tentative steps towards carving a new nation out of the wilds will finally be taken. Greatness awaits all who will answer the Swordlords' call.

Kingmaker - GM Dkyrn

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